Monday, July 14, 2014

Divide - Remote Wipe Done Right

Back on June 26th I promised to test the Divide app, which provides separate, secure, Exchange-enabled email, to make sure I could "wipe" out only itself and not anything else on the phone/tablet.  I'm glad to report that it indeed limits the "wipe" to just the Divide app's data and configuration.  This will be a relief for folks worried about someone else having the capability to wipe their entire device.

In addition to that nice feature, and in my limited experience, Divide also two features I really like:

1.  You can configure Divide to use the volume up/down buttons to scroll through your email messages.
2.  The Divide calendar app has a "list" view, sometimes called an "agenda" view.

I also discovered that Divide is available for iOS, in addition to the Android version.  Google has recently bought Divide, so who knows what changes are in store.  Here are the links to each app.

iOS >

Android >

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