Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Switching Email Services

I changed from Time Warner's Road Runner email many years ago.  That was a painful, but short-term, process of notifying family, friends and websites of my new Gmail address.  But there were, and still are, three main reasons driving me to change.

  1. I knew that the day would come when I no longer used Time Warner in western Ohio.  My Road Runner email's domain name was @woh.rr.com.  The "woh" is the western Ohio part, so even if I stayed with Time Warner after moving to some warmer climate, I would have to change email addresses.  Changing sooner than later was much less work.
  2. Road Runner is OK (that's generous) when accessed from a web browser, but its mobile support is horrible.  If you delete a message from your smart-phone, it doesn't get deleted from the Road Runner server, so when you go back to a web browser, those emails are still there and must be deleted again.  This is due to Road Runner only supporting the old, old POP3 protocol and not the newer IMAP protocol.
  3. Time Warner is not in the email business.  
Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are heavily invested in email and regularly role out improvements. Using one of these solves all the above.  So don't wait until your moving day to switch.  That's enough work and stress by itself.

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