Friday, May 22, 2015

Magic Mouse on Windows

I love my Apple Magic Mouse, so when I started looking for a wireless mouse for my new Windows (work) laptop, I started looking for something that might be just as good.  Then I found the Magic Mouse Utilities and poof, my Magic Mouse works on Windows.  And it's free (I love free).  Joygasm!


  1. Mouse Reviews :There are plenty to go around for everybody, but personally… I really dig Microsoft Sculpt Touch model. It’s unlike any mouse I’ve ever seen in my life before. This mouse has 4 way touch scrolling. So not a scroll wheel, mind you. It’s a touch scroller! A physical wheel would have made it difficult to scroll it in 4 directions. But with a touch pad for scrolling, you can all of a sudden scroll in every direction you can think of.

  2. Just put one on my Amazon wish list. Looks pretty cool.

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