Friday, November 23, 2018

Fire TV Cube

With the addition of an Amazon Fire TV Cube, our house now has a total of 5 voice assistants, not counting our smartphones.  The Cube has been installed in the basement and can voice control the TV and cable box, just like a remote control.  "Alexa, turn on the TV" and "Alexa, tune to CBS" are examples of what it can do for the TV.  Then say "Alexa, play Doctor Strange" and it changes the TV's input source to the Fire TV Cube, figures out, all by itself, that this movie is available from multiple apps but currently free on our Netflix subscription, switches to Netflix and begins playing the movie.  I was stunned by how easy the setup was, with the Fire TV Cube having no problem determining the type of TV and cable box we have.

Best of all, Amazon has this discounted at the moment for $59.99, half off the normal price.  If your goal in life is fewer remote controls, this may be your nirvana.

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