Monday, February 3, 2020


We had a great meal with friends at Venti in Cumming, Georgia and that started a discussion of why the restaurant was named that.  I figured, incorrectly, that it meant “large”, as a venti coffee is the largest of the three sizes (tall, grande, venti) at Starbucks  A quick smartphone search showed how wrong I was.  Venti is Italian for “twenty”, and as this restaurant is on State Route 20, that now made sense, and a Starbucks venti, being 20 ounces, revealed the simple explanation for that name.  For more information on the naming of Starbucks “tall” and “grande”, see the explanations at the following link.  "Tall" actually makes sense now.

Big shout out to Barbara and Harry for the restaurant selection and adding an answer at some future trivia challenge!

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