Thursday, October 14, 2021

South Shore Line

We've driven or flown into Chicago on many occasions, but recently decided to take the train instead to avoid their crazy downtown driving.  We first drove five hours to Porter, Indiana, about fourteen miles north of Valparaiso, arriving mid-afternoon on a Friday.  We bought our tickets (yeah, half-price senior discount) on the South Shore Line and waited until the train shown below arrived.  Being an off-peak time, we expected a light crowd and were surprised to find it so packed we couldn't sit together or put our luggage overhead.  After a while, we asked one of the young crowd aboard why so many had on Notre Dame-branded clothing and found out they we all traveling to Chicago to watch Notre Dame play football against Wisconsin.  Wisconsin?  Yep.  The game was being played at Soldier Field in Chicago on Saturday.  That explained the crowd, as the South Shore Line begins in South Bend.  Fortunately the return train ride on Sunday was more spread out and comfortable.

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