Monday, January 2, 2023

Tide Pods

The product packaging folks at Procter & Gamble laid an egg on the location of the directions on their large Tide Pods plastic container.  The old design is shown in the first picture below which only says "UNFOLD FOR INGREDIENTS LIST" so unless you're curious about what it's made of (I'm not), you would never know that it also includes how many pods to use for different size loads.  P&G recently designed that in the second picture below and now it's in-your-face clear.

It never dawned on us that we would ever need more than one pod (just like the dishwasher) for a load of clothes, but after noticing that large loads of white towels didn't look as nice and bright as they should, we went in search of the reason and found all this out.  And P&G is selling us a few more pods after a few years of coulda-shoulda.

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