Monday, April 10, 2023


If you've been a runner as long as I have (51 years), you're bound to have a bunch of stories to tell.  My most recent began innocently enough as I exited our garage to the back patio and began walking to the street to begin a 3-mile run.  I had just closed the patio gate and taken a few steps toward the driveway when a rushing/flapping sound rapidly came up behind me.  In the second it took me to react to it and turn around, all I saw was a hawk flying away and feathers floating to the ground.

I never really saw the attack, but from the limited information I had I believe there was a bird (probably a dove) that was up against the wall of the house trying its best to avoid the hawk but when I came around the corner I startled it into flight and the keen-eyed hawk wasted no time pouncing on its good fortune.  Since I was directly in its forward escape route after the hawk snared its prey it had to execute a full mid-air stop and do a 180-degree retreat.  All that remained was a few feathers scattered on the ground, shown in the picture below.  It all happened so fast that I didn't have time to be scared.

Another dozen running experiences, four pages worth, can be found at the link below.  My favorite was the time I ran with a pack of dogs.

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