Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where There's A Will

Warning: This is really, really geeky

A couple months back I was trying to figure out why smart-phones couldn't setup new email accounts.  A problem with smart-phones and tablets is you can't see what's really going on under the covers like you can with PC's and Mac's.  After some trial and error, I ended up with the following setup.

  • I logged on to my home Mac using Chrome Remote Desktop from my Windows work desktop
  • I installed the Bluestacks Android emulator on the Mac
  • I installed the 30-day free trial of the Touchdown email app under Bluestacks
  • I ran the Wireshark packet capture program on the Mac
  • I tried to setup a new email account in Touchdown
  • I analyzed the Wireshark packet capture to see what was failing, gaining the needed insight
This is what a good day at work looks like.

Chrome Remote Desktop >
Bluestacks >
Wireshark >
Touchdown >

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