Friday, January 27, 2017

Grocery Shopping

It seems like half our regular shopping trip is spent in the produce section and the first refrigerated aisle. It probably is. And if we could design our own refrigerator, it would have at least one more vegetable drawer. Don't get the idea we're vegan, we're far from it, and the cart will have several meat, chicken and/or fish selections added in the next few minutes along with eggs, milk and cheeses. But by the end of the trip, you would also see only a few starches, ice cream, soda, bakery or "junk food" items.

As the article at the link describes, the bakery, produce and florist are at the front of the store, to activate your senses and get you to "spend money on things that weren’t necessarily on their list" and are higher margins. Doesn't work on us, as that is what is on our list already, and placing the produce there is more convenient for us. Most important, it's the healthier stuff.

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