Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Envelope Printing in Google Docs

Creating custom envelopes in Google Docs is a snap with a couple quick tips.

  1. Get the "Envelopes" add-on.  From within a Google Doc, click "Add-ons", then click on "Get add-ons...".  Search for "Envelopes" and click its plus sign.  When added, click "Add-ons" and hover over "Envelopes".  You'll see a number of different sizes to choose from.
  2. Add some cool fonts.  From within a Google Doc, click the down arrow next to the currently selected font and click on "More fonts..." at the bottom. Scroll down to discover a ton of fonts and click the ones you want added to your everyday drop down list. 
I used the "Dancing Script" font for the return address, the "Great Vibes" font for the addressee and a 5x7 size on the envelope below. 

A direct link to the Envelopes add-on is here:


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