Monday, February 18, 2019

Coffee Lid Tips

Sometimes you do things for years before realizing that you should pass them on.  Here are a couple of tips about the alignment of a coffee lid that you might find useful.
  • If the seam of the cup is directly in line with the drinking hole, there can be just enough gap to cause a little coffee to drip out, usually right on your dress shirt or blouse as you're heading into work.  Just make sure the seam is anywhere on the other half of the cup, away from the hole.
  • If you're fetching coffee for yourself and one or more other folks, an easy way to remember which cup belongs to whom is to align the seam at different places.  I put mine 90 degrees to the left of the hole, as shown below, and then I'll put the seam for my wife's coffee 90 degrees on the right side.  

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