Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Auto Time Set Alarm Clock

Last September I blogged about a new clock I purchased because our new cable box no longer had a time display.  But that clock ran fast, gaining a minute every month or so and needing its time reset, which was not a simple process.  After eight months I gave up and bought the $20 clock shown below which automatically sets its time via a radio signal from WWVB, a single high-power, extremely-low-frequency, dual-antenna station that NIST operates near Fort Collins, Colorado, and covers the 48 continental United States and much of Canada and Central America.

Besides keeping the correct time, I also like the adjustable brightness dial, allowing just the right glow to fit my eye.  My only gripe is that it arrived with an active 7:00 am alarm, which I didn't realize, and went off two mornings before I figured out how to turn it completely off. 

Big shoutout to my friend John S for helping me locate a clock I don't have to mess with.


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