Monday, June 28, 2021

Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT)

The Ohio Department of Transportation has completed a $1.8 million Restricted Crossing U-turn at U.S. 42 and Spring Valley Paintersville Road in Greene County.  Traffic on Spring Valley Paintersville Road now only can turn right, avoiding having to navigate both lanes of high-speed traffic on U.S. 42.  A short distance after you make your right turn, a center, left-hand turn lane allows you to cross the oncoming traffic and into a large loon on the other side where you do a 180-degree turn in order to merge back on U.S. 42 in the opposite direction, where you can continue straight (if you wanted a left turn in the first place) or make a right turn and get back on Spring Valley Paintersville Road (if you wanted to go straight in the first place).

The first picture below is the view of Spring Valley Paintersville Road traveling westbound, with signs for both north and south U.S. 42 pointing right and the blocked median the prevents any other turn.  The second picture is the view from the left turn lane on U.S. 42 with the large semi-circular loon on the left.

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