Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Outlook Auto Delete Email

I manage my work email inbox using a simple set of rules:
  • If an item requires my attention, I leave it in the inbox, flagging the ones I need to handle first
  • If I need to retain an email for a long time, I move it to one of a dozen, topic-named folders
  • If I might need an email in the short-term, I move it to a short-term "30-Day" folder
  • If I don't need an email retained at all, I hit the delete key
To  automatically clean up my short-term emails, I've set the retention policy for the "30-Day" folder (Right-click "30-Day" ... Properties ... Policy tab), changing the "Folder Policy" to "1 Month Delete (30 days)".  The system takes care of the cleaning from there.

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