Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Barrel End Table

This table is a nice upgrade for our basement TV room (aka the man cave), although the trip from China took about six months to make it here.  It weighs in at a sturdy twenty pounds and comes with some assembly required.  The positive part of the assembly is it uses eighteen identical screws and it's totally obvious how it goes together.  The negative part is getting those screws to line up through the cross-pieces and into their holes takes patience and some strength.

The six vertical cross-pieces attach first to the narrower circular piece in the middle.  That's a piece of cake and the only piece of cake.  The top is turned upside-down on the floor and the cross-pieces are attached.  That takes some effort getting things aligned and working with the cross-pieces constantly in the way.  Attaching the bottom piece is the most difficult alignment chore.  But once completed, it's pretty sharp.

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