Tuesday, April 12, 2022

1950 Census

The detailed 1950 census data is now available online at the link below.  While there is a name search function available, I've found it's pretty worthless.  Since I knew the addresses of the houses my grandparents lived in, I needed to find which Enumeration District (ED) the census used for both, and that was at first very confusing.  I eventually figured them out and searching for those EDs led to a dozen or two hand-written census forms, like the picture below, that I manually searched through until I found my Mom and Dad.

My parents married later in 1950 and the census validated:
  • My Dad worked as an electrical engineer at General Motors and lived at home
  • My Mom worked as a secretary at a children's orphanage and lived at home
I guess kids living with their parents into their 20s is not a new thing, and it's nice to know they both had jobs.

I don't know if I ever knew the following, but I forgot them if I did (I was born 5 years later)
  • My Great-grandmother Clotilda (Tillie) Paulick lived with her daughter Anna next door to my Grandfather Leo and Grandmother Walburga (Wally) Moorman (Anna's sister)
  • My Mother's sister Eleanor and her family lived next door to my Grandfather Maurice, my mom, and two siblings

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