Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Bicycle Detected

We spotted the sign below at the northeast corner of David and Marshall Roads in Kettering and wondered what it was all about.  A little research found that this sign lets a cyclist know that the in-pavement detector knows they're there and will cause the traffic light to cycle for them.  Without this, and assuming there is no vehicular traffic that will trigger a green light, the cyclist would either have to navigate over to and press the crosswalk button or run the red light.  

I found three instances along Kettering on-street bike paths that have sensors installed and in each case the configuration is different.  At this intersection, there is no on-pavement sign to let a rider know where the sensor is located,  On Overland Trail and Stroop Road there is a sign labeled "Detector" pointing to a spot on the pavement, but no "Bicycle Detected" sign.  Finally, on northbound Ackerman Blvd at Dorothy Lane, a complete setup can be found with clearly marked road signs and the "Bicycle Detected" sign.  

More details can be found at the link below.

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