Friday, January 19, 2024

Cincinnati Style Chili

I love Cincinnati-style chili and hit Skyline Chili restaurants several times a year.  Still, when Chef Elaine makes a half-gallon of homemade chili sauce I know I'm going to splurge on a super-sized, three-way plate like the one shown below, plus multiple plates in the future since the sauce freezes well.  For those not in the know, a three-way is spaghetti, sauce, and cheese; add onions to get a four-way and beans to get a five-way.  Lots of Frank's Hot Sauce is a must for me.

The video at the link below shows how to make it, but Katie Lee Biegel uses her own spice mix which (IMHO) is way too much work, and a 2.25-ounce packet of Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix is a better choice.  But the back-and-forth banter between Katie (a Miami University grad) and her co-hosts (none of whom know about Cincinnati-style chili) is precious.

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