Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I've been researching my family tree for another blog I'm writing and I've traced the details of my direct Moorman heritage back this far, thanks to the fantastic Thieman Genealogy web site.  Mary Thieman married M. August Moorman (my great-great-great-grandfather) in the early 1800's and had Franz in 1819. M. August, Mary and Franz immigrated to the United States, landing in Ohio, northwest of Dayton, and most of us have stayed around southwest Ohio ever since.  I've often heard that there are a lot of Moorman's in Mercer County, and now I see the connection.


Franz H. Moorman (great-great-grandfather)
Born: Sep. 15, 1819, Oldenburg, Germany
Died: Jul. 19, 1888, Mercer County, Ohio

Henry John Moorman (great-grandfather)
Born: Sep. 24, 1856, Saint Henry, Mercer County, Ohio
Died Aug. 7, 1938, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Leo Albinus Moorman (grandfather)
Born: Mar. 1, 1893, Coldwater, Mercer County, Ohio
Died: Jan. 27, 1961, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Earl Joseph Moorman (father)
Born: Sep. 19, 1926, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
Died: Jul. 25, 1989, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

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