Wednesday, June 5, 2019

RCA 4-Device Big-Button Remote Control

The holy grail .... one remote to control them all!

Highlights of our new remote are:

  • Bigger and fewer buttons
  • Backlight button
  • No system power cycle button (i.e. turn everything on/off at the same time)
    • Never served a purpose other than mess everything up
  • Controls our TV (Vizio), cable (Samsung), Blu-ray (Sony) and Roku
  • Only $14
The AUDIO-SB button had to be reprogrammed to control the Roku, which the instructions explain how to do.  Then we had to figure out which buttons do the special Roku features.  They are:

  • INFO_OPTIONS is the Roku Asterisk button
  • Both MENU and GUIDE+HOME map to the Roku Home button
  • GO BACK maps to the Roku big Left Arrow button

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