Monday, March 4, 2024

Webpage, Complete

Have you ever seen the cutest Instagram (or other social media) post and wanted to download the picture?  We want to do it all the time with our grandkids pictures and while there is no simple way to download an image, it is possible using the following steps on a Mac or PC.
  1. Navigate to the post with the image
  2. In the browser options at the top, click File ... Save Page As ... 
  3. If needed, change the format to Webpage, Complete
  4. Click Save
A file and a folder will be downloaded.  Open the folder.  Somewhere in there is the picture you want.  Sometimes there's just one, other times many.  Sometimes it's in a subfolder and sometimes not.  Use Windows Explorer or Mac's Finder to view the images as a gallery to make finding the one (or more) you want to keep easier.  Drag it to the desktop and give it a good name.  

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