Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Google Nest Wi-Fi

Our house got a major wireless upgrade last weekend with the installation of three Google Nest Wi-Fi routers.  We now have one on each floor of the house and they form a seamless mesh and work together to get each device the best signal.  Our house isn't all that big but has mainly plaster walls and Wi-Fi doesn't penetrate them well, so the new configuration minimizes the number of walls it has to punch through.  The results are great Wi-Fi coverage throughout and everything works faster.

Since we have three wired devices in our home office (can I still call it an office in retirement?) and the Google Nest Wi-Fi only has one available downstream port, we had to purchase a 5-port Ethernet switch, the black box on the right below, which brings the total number of electrical plugs in use in this one room to 18, which was put on its own circuit breaker a couple years ago.  That was smart. (Google Nest Wi-Fi) (Netgear Ethernet Switch)

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