Monday, December 25, 2023

Pixel 7 As A Webcam

While I don't think the world needs a higher-resolution image of my face when I'm on a video call, the picture below comes from my Pixel 7 smartphone being used as a webcam on my Mac.  It's a boastful 1920x1080 that blows away the 1280x720 spec of my normal Microsoft HD-6000 webcam by 2.25 times more pixels.  Attaching it to my Mac was seamless but Chef Elaine's Windows PC just ignored it.  Windows is supposed to support USB Video Class (UVC) cameras like my Pixel, so when I get time I might try to figure that out.

The biggest downside to using my Pixel 7 as a webcam is that I don't have a stand that would elevate it to eye level so that just might have to be a snowy winter's day project.

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