Friday, December 29, 2023

Stuffed Cabbage

Chef Elaine grew up with Stuffed Cabbage and I grew up with Cabbage Rolls, probably because my ancestors were from Germany and the Chef's (at least half of them) were from eastern European countries like Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Slovakia.  I made the rolls shown below from the recipe at the bottom, taken from a 1973 cookbook called "Three Rivers Cookbook."  The picture shows the little rolls sitting on a layer of sauerkraut before being submerged in tomato sauce and tomato soup (what!), water, bacon, and sugar.  

The term "Golumki" in the recipe's title might be a typo, as a search returns "Golumpki", which means "little pigeons".  Fortunately, that's a reference to the shape of the roll, which looks like a pigeon’s chest, not the source of the meat. 

More information and a list of dozens of ethnic variations can be found at this link.

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