Thursday, March 4, 2021

Brain Fart

This game is perfectly named, as you'll see why in a moment.  The game is played by first rolling the nine cubes, just like dice, getting a new set of categories.  The person going first, which starts with the youngest player at the table, taps the magenta brain which starts a timer that randomly selects a time between 30 and 45 seconds, and displays a letter on an LED screen.  The player has to select a cube (and keep it) then shoutout an answer that starts with the displayed letter and goes with the cube's category.  For example, I might take the "Sports Teams" category and if the answer must start with a "C", I would shoutout "Cleveland Browns".  The game continues with the next player until all the cubes are used or the brain "farts".  If all cubes are used, the player that used the last cube gets to give a token to any other player, but if the brain "farts", the player that's currently in their turn gets a token from the "bank".  When all the tokens have left the "bank" the game is over and the person holding the fewest tokens is the winner.

The brain "fart" noise is only part of the reason the game is aptly named.  There are times, usually when only a few cubes remain, but at times with all nine available, that a player will just not be able to think of any answer to any of the cube's categories, in other words, that player has a "brain fart".

Big shout out to Grace for showing us this game!

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