Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Lots Of Drops

I noticed the inspirational saying shown below as I was passing a local church last month and while I realize it was not meant to be taken literally, I am known as "Mister Literal", so I had to see how far from the actual truth this saying really is.  I started by looking to see if a drop is an actual measure and while many definitions exist, pharmacists set a drop at 0.05 milliliters.  So using that measure...
  • A drop is .05 milliliter
  • 20 drops is a milliliter
  • 20,000 drops is a liter
  • There are about 8 billion people on Earth
  • 8 billion people divided by 20,000 drops is 400,000 liters
An Olympic-sized pool holds 2,500,000 liters or 6.2 times the 400,000 liters above.  A lot of water, perhaps, but not exactly an ocean.

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