Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Microwave Reheat Button

The chicken enchilada shown below is remarkable in that it has been reheated to perfection in our microwave without the cheesy goodness becoming a sloppy, runny mess.  That's because our microwave has a REHEAT button that goes low and slow.  It senses when the food begins steaming and starts its final countdown.  The food must be covered (e.g. wax paper) and not require any handling (e.g. stirring).

The REHEAT button is pressed once for a plate of leftovers, twice for pasta, three times for 1/2-to-1-cup of liquid, and four times for 1-to-2-cups.  Yeah, I'm sure I'll remember all of those.

There are several other buttons on our microwave I've never used.  Perhaps it's time to read the manual...

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