Friday, February 25, 2022

Sticky White Rice

When I worked in downtown Dayton, I had three lunches, costing three dollars or less each, that I bought hundreds of times.  
  • A pizza square (i.e. thick) at Flying Pizza
  • Two fat-free Chicago dogs with everything from a food cart on Courthouse Square
  • Two egg rolls and a container of sticky rice (plus two packets of mustard and soy sauces) from the Arcade
I loved that sticky rice and during a recent trip to Meijer, I spotted the rice in the picture below in the frozen food case and thought it was worth a try.  Placed the self-venting bag, still frozen, in the microwave and nuked it for five minutes.  Carefully opened the steaming bag and placed the rice in a serving bowl.  This is the real deal and is as good as my former lunch favorite.

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