Tuesday, February 15, 2022


Wordle is an addictive little game that I find really gets my mind going in the morning.  All you have to do is guess/deduce a five-letter word.  The left image shows the game at the start and the one on the right shows my guesses, from top to bottom, until I got the word on my sixth and last chance.  A green background indicates a correct letter in the right place, yellow means a correct letter but in the wrong place, and dark gray means it isn't present anywhere.  The keyboard at the bottom uses the same colors and serves to avoid using a wrong letter twice.  Each row must contain a valid word, no making up gibberish to see if a letter is present, and a letter can be used more than once, adding an extra mental challenge to the game.  One word per day is all you get for free (I love free), which is good because otherwise, I might waste a few hours a day playing.  

There are apps available for your pint-sized devices and you can play the web version at this link.

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